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Monday, 30 January 2017 21:19
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Osomatsu-san - 14
Space Dandy - 33
Steven Universe - 43
Welcome to the NHK - 11


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Saturday, 3 September 2016 15:56
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DC Comics x027
Love Live! Sunshine x044
Steven Universe x033
Toaru Series x045
Voltron Legendary Defender x160


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Friday, 15 July 2016 03:35
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400 icons » ensemble stars!, the idolm@ster: cinderella girls, love live!, my hero academia, neko atsume, precure, prince of stride, sailor moon crystal, seraph of the end, show by rock!!, steven universe, touken ranbu, vanitas no carte

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Friday, 8 July 2016 13:25
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Aikatsu Stars! x050
Cinderella Girls x050
Steven Universe x033
Voltron Legendary Defender x172


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Tuesday, 6 October 2015 15:49
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Aikatsu! x35
Sakura Trick x15
Steven Universe x80 (SPOILERS for recent episodes)
Zettai Karen Children + The Unlimited x25

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Saturday, 9 May 2015 02:51
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390 icons » cardcaptor sakura, gatchaman crowds, gekkan shoujo nozaki kun, hunter x hunter, magi, mawaru penguindrum, nanatsu no taizai, steven universe, tokyo ghoul, yuri kuma arashi

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